Inviting you to be part of a  process oriented research to recover the natural cognitive system which has been destroyed by modern schooling in particular and modernity in general

(Modernity is the formative conditions established by mediated knowing (dependence on external authority and reasoning) rather than direct knowing by the use of senses, intuition and in experience)

1.Biggest damage done by schooling is that the illusion that understanding takes place by just reading or by any other second hand means (including digital).

2.Dependency on external authority- books and experts

3.Analytical mind rather than creative mind

4.Appropriation of meanings

5.Trapped in the mental maze created by the mind.

6.Inability to see the root cause- reaction rather than action

7.Regain ability to have true experience rather than conceptual experience 8.Learn to hold doubts and let understanding takes place in experience 9.Depend primarily on direct experience 10.Read books with out taking positions- agreement or disagreement ●


1.Life wants to sustain life and each living beings is embedded with this instinct- life sustaining instinct is NOT individualistic but collective.  NOT just one species but all life (Why there is attraction towards children stage of all life including plants- Beauty, innocence and playfulness in their appearance, actions, sound, smell etc) (sustainability is not an aftherthought)

2.All living beings are embedded with the wherewithal to maintain life- in harmony with life around