Do Nothing Parenting

Reclaiming our biological instinct of nurturing

O n l i n e W o r k s h o p
Sep -25, 27, 29, Oct -1, 2
7 to 8 PM – IST

The first lesson the life teaches is to nurture. Just a generation or two ago, being with children all the time was the norm and no one ever worried about bringing up children. Even the word parenting was unknown. With the march of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ and the school invading our lives the time spent with the children has constantly decreased. 

This early separation has eliminated the possibility of children imbibing the experiencing of parenting and has resulted in creation of people who have lost the basic natural instinct to nurture. The inter-generational transfer of knowledge to nurture is lost in the process and this has made the parents dependent on external authority.The first ‘experiential’ lesson a child learns is to be a parent, to nurture as that is what her first experience is.


This webinar will be very useful for parents, would-be parents, teachers, and those who want to understand children’s psychology and also even to those who want to understand the creative process of life itself. 


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