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How readymade toys stall the cognitive development
of children and kill Creativity ?


क्या आप जानते हैं की खिलौने देकर हम बच्चों को बड़ी हानि पहुचातें हैं ?
कैसे खिलौने बच्चो के मानसिक ,शारीरिक एवं सर्वांगीण विकास में बाधा बनते हैं ?
खेलना एक नैसर्गिक क्रिया हैं , खिलौने एक कृतिम व्यवस्था !


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Oct 7-8-9 2022
Online Orientation :
28th Sept & 3rd Oct

This Teachers’ Day

Let the teacher in you die;
the learner in you WAKE UP
September 5,6,7,8,9
Time : 7PM to 8:30PM IST 

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Tapan Dixit (Do-Nothing Parenting , July 2020)

The workshop helped me look at parenting in a very different way, it has changed me as a father.

Ruchi Arora (Bhopal, Being in Beauty – Nov 2020)

” The workshop has transformed me in many ways. I feel that I turned blind to my senses and now feel awakened.”

About EKF (Existential Knowledge Foundation)

Existential knowledge foundation has been set up to understand why learning is central to life, what knowledge is required to sustain life and how human beings learn naturally. The foundation has been set up naturally in response to dealing with the various damages that modern schooling has been inflicting on almost all aspects of life including the very process of learning.

The Initiative has been holding dialogues, retreats, workshops to create awareness about the true nature of learning, the need for authenticity and originality, need for creating conducive environment for the real development of children.

Our courses

  • Natural Learning
  • Why ,What and How children learn ?
  • Damages of Schooling
  • Being in Beauty
  • Do-nothing Parenting
  • Drawing as Cognition
  • How children learn Language ?
  • From word to the World.