From 2011 June to 2014 July Sadhana school in Pune provided us an opportunity to work with children.

We established an initiative called ‘RE IMAGINING SCHOOLS’ with the intention of deeply exploring how and what children learn naturally under conditions of freedom, respect, trust, care and love. One of our focuses was to study drawing.

Reimagining Drawing : Not Art , but a tool of Cognition

We documented not only what they were drawing but also, how, where and with what they drew. Drawings done by children clearly show their own cognitive development and also what is the intention of life itself. All living beings learn and human being is not different. And what and how of learning is dictated by life itself.
A close study of the drawings gives a glimpse to this process.

Modern schooling has totally discarded this reality and is conditioning the child to what it calls as knowledge, totally disregarding the process of creation of knowledge.


Course Highlights

❖ Opportunity for deep enquiry into
life, learning, children and ourselves.
❖ Non-expert dependent , nonteaching, learner centered approach
❖ Flexible and relaxed pace
❖ Close interaction and smaller group
(maximum 25) for rich learning
❖ Participative and interactive in
❖ Potential to transform your entire
understanding of life and children.
❖ Open to all – teachers, parents,
education activists, psychologists,
design and architecture students,

Course Structure

❖ 1 Orientation session , 3 Course Sessions (28th,30th Aug and 1st September ) ,
6 interactive sessions – spread over 3 months (2nd and 4th Saturday of Sept, Oct, Nov) .
❖ After course sessions, participants need to immerse themselves in direct
observation, documentation and engagement with children.
❖ WhatsApp/ Email group for continuous learning and interaction within the group in
presence of course facilitators for 3 months.
❖ Recordings to be shared with registered participants if they miss any session.

Course Content

❖ The cognitive importance of drawing
❖ Understanding what children draw.
❖ Understanding various stages
❖ How to enable situation for drawing.
❖ Why it is important not to judge
❖ Why it is important not to teach
❖ Why drawing books for children are
detrimental to their cognitive
❖ Why drawing should not be
understood as art
❖ How drawing is more important than
learning to write.
❖ Why drawing should precede writing
❖ Why children should not be
restricted to draw anywhere.

Course Fee

Orientation Session (August 20th, 7:30-8:30PM IST) – Rs. 300 (100 seats only)

Course fee – Rs. 4000 (25 seats only)

(Participants who pay for course need not pay for orientation seperately)

Need based scholarship available.

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