We are offering an online session on sense of beauty- to reestablish our communion with the world around. The course offers an opportunity for reexamining the how notions of art has been misleading us from this real connection. This will also give us another way of integrating beauty and learning as a wholistic process.
Modern education systematically creates beauty disabled people along with other cognitive and psychological damages. Most of us are often in the state of mentally present but physically absent most of the time as we are living in our mind most of the time. To be in communion with the beauty around we need to be present. How did we become absent and how do we recover our nature way of being present- the way children are all the time till we also make them absent?
Shouldn’t we explore this?
Join us to explore this together….
Please check the details of the course at www.ekfoundation.in
To get a sense of what might be explored in the workshop see www.beinginbeauty.org

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